Tooth Whitening

Whitening is the least invasive method to improve the appearance of your teeth

Who can have whitening?

During your consultation all the required information is gathered to assesses your eligibility for whitening.


Almost all adults are excellent candidates. If you are interested in whitening please inform your dentist and they can discuss this with you.

What whitening system do you use?

At Dental Sense we give you a home kit to help you whiten your teeth. We will fabricate custom made trays which you will then use to hold some whitening gel in.

What does the procedure involve?

Following your consultation and hygiene session, your dentist will record the shade of the teeth and provide information about the home tray system and gel application.


Are there any other techniques available?

We feel that whitening is the least invasive method to improve the appearance of your teeth. It will always be preceded by a hygiene session to remove surface debris and establish healthy gums.

There are also more invasive techniques such as porcelain veneers and crowns for those not suitable for whitening. If have any questions regarding alternative treatment modalities please consult your dentist.

Are there any risks or side-effects?

  • Tooth sensitivity - the teeth may become sensitive to hot and cold, but it is normally short in duration. If you normally have sensitive teeth please inform us before treatment. 

  • Gum and soft tissue irritation - temporary soreness of the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth can occur during the procedure .

  • Fillings and other dental restorations - white fillings, porcelain veneers and crowns will not whiten. Restorations therefore may need to be replaced. Your dentist will discuss this with you prior to treatment.


What results can I expect?

Significant whitening is achieved in most cases, however, we cannot accurately predict how light your teeth will get, or how quickly.


As a general guide, yellow or yellow-brown teeth whiten quicker than grey or grey-brown teeth. Teeth discoloured by antibiotics or root canal treatment may not respond as predictably.


How long will the results be maintained for?

Through the normal staining process of day-to-day eating and drinking, you may experience a gradual shade relapse. This will depend on the frequency of use of tobacco products, tea, red wine and other staining foods or drinks. 


Regular visits to your dental hygienist will maintain a longer lasting result.


Top-ups may be carried out periodically where a few days of whitening can be done.