Teeth in a Day

We are delighted to be able to offer Teeth in a Day using the All-On-4 concept.

This means patients with removable dentures or failing bridgework can receive fixed teeth in just one visit.

What is All-On-4?

By placing a minimum of four dental implants in strategic positions in each jaw, we are able to provide fixed replacement teeth.


Advances in technology allow us, together with our on-site technicians, to deliver this treatment from our very own surgery. 

This is life changing for patients who may have been advised they have insufficient bone for dental implants, or for patients who are unhappy with their current teeth or dentures.

Who can have this treatment?

Most people who request this treatment are unhappy with their own teeth, their existing bridgework or dentures and want an alternative that is permanently fixed into place.

All our patients are assessed on an individual basis, to understand their concerns and establish their needs. We take into account their lifestyle, age and medical condition before proposing a suitable plan. 

Benefits of Teeth in a Day

  • Instantaneous smile makeover with an improvement in appearance and function

  • You can eat again relatively quickly once the implants have been fitted

  • Minimal surgical intervention and healing as the treatment carried out in one day

  • Teeth are fixed in place permanently only removed for annual maintenance

  • Temporary teeth can often be fixed to limit the need for a denture

  • Home care and maintenance is relatively simple and easy

  • Viable alternative to complex sinus grafting and bone augmentation

  • Cost effective as a whole arch of teeth can be fixed to as few as 4 implants

Stages of treatment

Planning and preparation

Firstly Dr Miraj Patel will assess your mouth to ensure your case is suitable.  


X-rays will be taken for provisional planning and arrangements may be made for a CT scan to be taken. This provides us with an accurate 3D map of your jaw and allows for safe treatment planning with predictable long-term results.

Impressions and measurements will be taken to allow fabrication of the temporary bridge.

On the day

Our team will remove your failed teeth or bridgework and place the implants in their predetermined sites.


With the aid of our on-site technician we will work together to modify and attach the temporary bridge to the newly placed implants so you can walk out with fixed teeth.

The procedure can take two to four hours per arch, and both top and bottom can be done in one visit.


You have the option for treatment while you are awake with local anaesthetic, or with sedation if you are a little anxious.

The temporary acrylic bridge is typically worn during the healing phase and will act as a template and as a planning tool for your final smile.


For 12 weeks you have the opportunity to test your new smile and decide on any changes in the colour, texture and positioning of the teeth. During this period we will ask you stick to a soft diet and maintain excellent oral hygiene which is paramount for the success of such treatments.

Your final smile

Your final bridge is usually ready within four to six months of your initial treatment. It is made up of a computer milled titanium skeleton frame with a choice of composite, porcelain or acrylic teeth.


We will carefully review old photographs that you may have in order to re-create the smile you once had for the most natural look. Alternatively we can modify and make changes to give you the smile you have always wanted.

So if you are suffering with loose dentures, or feel nothing can be done for your teeth, then why not get in touch and see how we can help.