Sedation Treatment

Many thousands of patients feel unable to get the dental work they need because the thought of going to the dentist makes them extremely anxious.

This means that many people will not go to the dentist at all, and their oral health can suffer, often severely affecting their eating, confidence and social interactions. 


This is why the use of dental sedation is so important and useful. It gives such patients the opportunity to seek the dental treatment they need while they are in a very relaxed state.

Who can have sedation?

Sedation is especially useful for adult patients who:

  • Have high anxiety about dental visits

  • Have had traumatic dental experiences in the past

  • Are receiving complex/ difficult treatments/surgery

  • Have a strong gag reflex

  • Cannot tolerate the noises, sensations and smells associated with the dentist.

  • Are afraid of needles in the mouth


If you feel that you could benefit from sedation feel free to schedule a consultation and we will be happy to discuss your options further and answer any questions you may have. At the appointment we will also review your medical history to confirm that you are eligible for treatment under sedation.

What exactly is IV sedation?

Sedation is a form of anxiety control to make treatment more pleasant for you. Intravenous (or 'IV') sedation is given by injection, either in the back of your hand or in your arm. The dose we give you will depend on the treatment you need and the time it will take to complete.


Intravenous sedation is a completely safe technique which brings patient comfort to unparalleled levels. We use a sedative (midazolam) which makes you snooze through your dental appointment, even though you are not technically asleep. ​Although you may feel a little drowsy, you will stay conscious at all times.


On awakening you will have little or no memory of the treatment, smells, and or sounds from the appointment.

With sedation, you will find that your treatment is performed more comfortably than you might ever have thought possible.

Is IV sedation safe?

Yes. When performed by expert dental professionals like ourselves, this procedure is regarded as safe for most people. We will review your medical history to ensure that you are able to have IV sedation.

Why choose IV sedation?

  • It's very effective

  • It's a very comfortable experience - you are simply given an injection in the arm or back of your hand

  • It's a safe option - suitable for the vast majority of adults

  • While you will be drowsy, you will still be capable of co-operating with the dentist

Does it cost more to have IV sedation?

Charges depend on the treatment required. Sedation services and treatments performed under sedation are only available on a private basis

Our sedation is carried out in house by Dr Miraj Patel and his team so you can have everything done in one place by the people you trust.