We offer emergency appointments to everyone, regardless of whether you are registered with us.

Unfortunately, most people will suffer the unpleasantness of dental pain at some point in their life and will need to seek emergency treatment.


Severe dental pain can be totally incapacitating and debilitating, so the first priority must be to make an urgent dental appointment. 

We have daily emergency slots. Simply call us or walk in if you need an appointment, so we can help ease your pain as quickly as possible.


The teeth and their surroundings can give rise to pain from decay, abscesses or gum disease. The pain may vary from sensitivity to a terrible throbbing pain. Most people classify this as the worst pain ever!

Swollen face

In some cases toothache can progress to a swollen face which can be the spread of infection. It is imperative that you see a dentist immediately to  get you on the road to recovery. 


If you have had an accident affecting your teeth, and you feel that there may be breakages or movement, please visit us as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence so the sooner you can get to us the better. We will see you as quickly as we can after the incident has occurred to diagnose the damage and provide you with reassurance and a way forward.  

Broken teeth and/or fillings

Breakages of teeth and fillings can range from being pain-free to sensitive or achy and sharp. If you have noticed that something has broken away from one of your teeth, please contact us and we can arrange an appointment for you at your earliest convenience. 

"I had to undergo emergency wisdom tooth removal which was done within a couple of hours from ringing up to walking out the door with everything sorted."

Mr JW 2015, NHS Choices

"A great job! They fixed my chipped tooth within 24 hours of the incident and to a brilliant standard."

Mr A-AJ 2015, NHS Choices

Wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom teeth can be short on space and the loose gum around the tooth is a magnet for food and plaque which can lead to a gum infection. If your wisdom teeth are problematic please contact us to discuss your options. In the meantime, make sure you keep the area clean and rinse with warm salt water. Remember, not all wisdom teeth need to be removed!

Lost crown or veneer

A lost crown is rarely an emergency. However, it can be tender as the exposed tooth may be sensitive. If you lose a crown, keep it safe and make an appointment to see us as soon as you can. Don't wait too long as your tooth will not be as strong without your crown.

Last Updated September 2019

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