Cosmetic Dentistry

We carry out 'cosmetic' procedures on a daily basis and we can integrate these into our treatment plans very easily.


Many people feel that their teeth impact upon their self-confidence and we offer a number of different options to improve their appearance, promoting a more positive self-image. Some of our treatments can be life-changing!

At your consultation we will discuss your smile and any cosmetic work that would like to explore, from whitening to straighter teeth. Following this we can provide you with options to help achieve your smile goals.


We appreciate that many people worry that cosmetic dentistry will be expensive, but cosmetic treatments do not have to cost the earth! Here at Dental Sense, we can offer a range of options to suit your budget or even finance plans to help you spread the cost. 

Our range of cosmetic dentistry options make it possible to maintain a youthful appearance and give you a naturally gorgeous smile.