Composite Build-Ups

What is composite build-up?

A composite composite build-up is a technique where composite resin is shaped and moulded onto your teeth to re-build a broken down tooth to make it functional and change its appearance.

It can also be used as a cosmetic solution to chipped  or spaced teeth. This is also known as composite bonding when it is done for cosmetic reasons. 

Who can have a composite build-up?

Not everyone can have a composite build-up. At your consultation the dentist will advise you if a composite build-up is right for you, or if you require another more appropriate treatment.

In some cases a composite build-up cannot be done and a crown or onlay is a more appropriate treatment. 

What can you expect during your visit?

The treatment starts with the preparation of your tooth surface so the composite can be applied to your tooth to create the optimum contour and shape. Then the composite is moulded, cured with a special light and finished by polishing. 

What aftercare is needed?

With good day-to-day care, your newly shaped tooth will last you as long as look after it! Keep up your regular checkup and hygiene appointments to ensure that underlying problems can be identified. 

See More examples with from our dentist Dr Ronit Patel

Last Updated December 2020

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