Clear Braces

What are clear braces?

Clear braces feature inconspicuous tooth-coloured ceramic brackets, which blend in with your teeth, providing a less obvious alternative to metal braces.

Tooth-coloured ceramic braces are another option for people who want a subtle way to straighten their teeth.

How do they work?
Just as with conventional metal braces, tooth-coloured ceramic brackets are attached to each tooth and then connected with a metal wire. During your treatment the wire will be changed periodically to keep your teeth gently moving in the right direction.


The combination of fixed brackets and wires gives us complete control over the movement of your teeth, allowing us to treat complex conditions such as severe crowding and bite problems.

This system is effective at treating all kinds of tooth misalignment and generally takes around 18 months for adults. Upon your orthodontic consultation you will receive a customised time period depending on the severity of your case.

They offer the same precise results as fixed braces and are one of our most affordable clear options, making them a popular choice for both adults and teenagers.

Braces don't mean a mouth full of metal

Teeth straightening with braces is often most effective in the teenage years when the teeth and jaw are still developing. This does not mean you cannot wear braces later in life. Many adults also undergo orthodontic treatment with great results.


What about clear aligners?

Thanks to the development of technology used in invisible aligners, you might not even realise that the person you’re speaking to is wearing braces.


The severity of your case may limit the kind of brace available to you which your dentist can discuss with you. They can provide you with the options available and refer you onto the appropriate team member.


How do clear aligners work?

Transparent aligner systems are a completely different solution for straightening teeth. They consist of a series of clear plastic aligners which fit snugly over your teeth. Trays are custom made for each patient from dental scans and impressions. Every two weeks or so the patient must switch to a new aligner, and bit by bit they shift the teeth to the desired position.


Treatment with invisible braces typically takes between 9 and 18 months and is generally used for mild cases.


One big benefit of these is they can be removed, although only for 2-4 hours per day. This allows the wearer to eat what they like and clean their teeth as normal.

Last Updated September 2019

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