Periodontal Therapy

Advanced gum treatment, for patients who present with chronic periodontitis (gum disease) where deep pockets have already formed. We offer extensive highly advanced therapy to deep clean and stabilize such patients. Your initial visit will be for 1hr during which a full assessment will be carried out of the gumms and underlying bone levels using our sophisticated Florida Probe and Imaging Techniques.

Following this an explanation of the disease process and aetiological factors will be given and a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. All options costs and risks will be discussed including consequences of no treatment.

The above will take approximately half of the time, the remaining time will be spent cleaning the teeth and demonstrating oral hygiene techniques.

You will then have a series of appointments for deep cleaning under local anaesthetic, adjunctive medicaments will be placed into the pockets during this stage to maximize effectiveness of therapy.

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On completion of the intensive ‘disinfection’ you will be asked to return after 2m for reassessment. At this visit oral hygiene will be monitored, pockets will be re measured to identify success of treatment any sites not responding to initial treatment will then be re visited and a long term management plan supportive care plan discussed.

Our recommendation to have your teeth scaled and polished varies from patient to patient. However all patients are advised to see a Hygienist at least once a year to ensure the plaque/calculus that collects between the back teeth in those hard to reach areas is removed.


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