Tooth replacement solutions

Single Tooth Replacement

single-imageAn implant may be used to replace almost any missing tooth, provided there is adequate bone at the site. If not, modern procedures can usually be performed to regenerate enough bone to safely place an implant.

The implant is placed in the bone below the gum tissue. A temporary abutment may be placed on the implant until the healing phase is complete. A cosmetic temporary restoration can be made to fill the missing spaceif the tooth in question is in the smile line. After a period of oesteo-integration usually 4-6m moulds will be taken and master technicians will fabricate a custom-made crown that and match to your existing teeth.

In the final step, the crown is fitted and the bite is checked. The entire process eliminates the need to damage adjacent teeth as with bridges, will prevent future ongoing bone loss and the restoration placed will look, feel, function just like your own tooth, they are also cleaned in the same way as your teeth.

Multiple tooth replacement

retain-image2Multiple bridged implants are very popular because the alternative to this treatment is usually a denture. Quite often a denture for this type of scenario would involve coverage of the palate and possible movement of the denture whilst eating. A moving denture can cause a number of problems aside from the embarrassment; issues like rubbing and denture sores. This option can completely change the way you live your day to day life.

Implant-supported prosthesis (removable)

Removable Dentures that are retained with implants are now available to many more people than ever before. With huge leaps in technology the implant retained denture has become an industry standard and is recommended for most people that have lost their natural teeth. This has been considered one of the best solutions due to the increased functionality allowing the wearer to eat and talk without movement of the denture. Advancements in synthetic bone and implant size reduction mean even people with prominent bone loss can now have implants and because implants are now standard procedure, the cost has come down dramatically.The new denture will have attachments, which snap or clip it into place. Your new teeth are firmly supported by the jaw, stimulating it and halting bone loss. You will be able to remove the denture easily for cleaning.

There are many different designs of restoration available and the most suitable solution will be discussed at your consultation to ensure your needs are met.


Implant-supported prosthesis (Fixed)

implent-fixedIf all your lower or upper teeth are missing, a permanent bridge may be attached directly to the implants. The number of implants is determined by the specific requirements of each case.

The implants are positioned just below the gum tissue and given time to fuse with the bone. Temporary abutments may be placed on the implants until the healing phase is complete. Your existing denture may be modified so that it can be worn without disturbing the implants during the healing process.

You will be fitted for a custom bridge that screws directly into the implants. The screw holes will be covered after insertion.

Your new teeth are firmly supported by the jaw, stimulating it and halting bone loss. Your dentist will be able to remove the prosthesis when necessary for cleaning and maintenance.

Bone Regeneration/Grafting

Following infection/tooth loss and or periodontal disease bone is destroyed and may not allow successful implant placement. However at Dental Sense we offer a wide range of augmentation treatments from bone graftings to sinus lifts.


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