Dental Implants FAQs

Our senior dentists Dr Miraj and Ronit Patel, place Dental Implants at Dental Sense. They would be happy to discuss any questions you may have regards embarking on implant treatment, with a free consultation. Over the years, they have gained postgraduate training in the USA, across Europe and in the UK.

Their knowledge and experience, combined with a friendly nature will put you at ease.

Q: What are dental implants?

Dental implants enable you to have one or more of your missing teeth replaced with a permanent tooth restoration that both looks and feels like your own teeth. They are attached to small titanium screws that when placed in the jaw, act as roots. With dental implants it’s possible to replace every single one of your teeth or just one.
Dental Implants have been used for tooth replacement for over 30years. Subsequently, it is now a relatively quick, simple and painless procedure which can be carried out in general dental practice with local anaesthetic. We do offer IV sedation for more complex surgeries and for those who may be nervous.

Q: How does missing teeth affect people?

We often find the things that they may have taken for granted before losing ones teeth, for example eating, smiling, laughing and even kissing, suddenly become obstacles because they are conscious of opening their mouth. Many people don’t realise that losing teeth affects the shape of their face. Cheeks become sunken and the lips lose their fullness. Once we have placed dental implants, the face is restored to its original shape. The joy on the face of our patient swhen they see themselves in the mirror is a sight to behold.

Q: How permanent are dental implants?

They need looking after in exactly the same way as your own teeth. They can last as long as 30 years but at least 15 years. It depends on the skill and experience of the dentist although th

Q: How permanent are Dental Implants?

Long term studies have now shown implant treatment to be highly reliable and safe in suitably selected patients. Survival rates of dental implants have been reported to be in excess of 90% after 15 years. Their success depends on your body reaction to the implant and your long term personal care of them. Implants fail due to gum disease as teeth do. Keeping implants clean of plaque is as important as keeping teeth free of plaque.

Success rates are also constantly improving due to improved techniques.

Q: Who benefits from dental implants?

People of all ages from 20yrs old right through to their 80s. People who don’t want to wear dentures because they feel that they are missing out on fully enjoying the taste and texture of food. I also treat many people of all ages who have had a sporting accident or suffered another trauma resulting in the loss of teeth. Most patients are candidates for implant treatment.

Q: How long does it take to place an implant?

Each case will vary depending on complexity, and number of implants required but due clinical experience and expertise Dr Patel will often complete most surgical cases in under an hour.

The total treatment duration can vary from 3-9months depending on each individual case.

How much does it cost?

All fees will be outlined prior to treatment. During treatment fees may vary due to: –

  • Alternative procedures required due to changes in the treatment plan,
  • New treatments becoming available in the course of your treatment,
  • Treatment extending over a longer period of time than expected,
  • If for some reason it is not possible to proceed with the planned procedure at the treatment appointment, the time spent will be charged at the normal hourly rate. An alternative treatment may be performed if considered appropriate.


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